How To Track One’s Phone Location Without Touching His Cell Phone?

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by chamspy

Tracking one’s cell phone location is no longer a particular skill exclusive to secret agencies in fiction movies. Anyone worldwide can track a cell phone easily and quickly. You might first connect it to the spy app. Indeed, spy applications are so versatile that they can conduct all your fancy ideas on one’s cell phone including location tracking, social media tracking, call logs recording, and so on. However, the spyware commonly requires you to touch the target phone physically for a preinstallation of the application. It is might not that easy for you to get one’s cell phone, unlock the screen and get the application installed. Don’t fret! Here are ways to help you track one’s phone location remotely!

tracking one's cell phone location

Methods of tracking one’s phone location remotely:

Someone calls your number when you are concentrating on your work, but he just says nothing on the phone call. You must be curious about who he is. Your girl told you that she would go to the birthday party of Ann and presumably come back at 8 p.m. However, she neither came back at night nor answer your phone call. You must have hurried to find her exact location! Therefore, there are massive moments when you need to track someone’s location. How?

Method 1: Reverse lookup tools

A registered phone number can contain much information about someone. Based on the location records and personal information database, reverse lookup tools uncovers the address of someone via a phone number. Apart from the home address, you will be entitled to look through personal information ranging from name to educational experience. It can perfectly catch up with your requirements if you just want to know the necessary information about someone rather than a real-time location. Also, you might not be surprised when the reverse lookup tools fail to deliver the latest answer to you, for the information might not be updated for a certain period.

reverse lookup tools

Method 2: Default location services

The combination of GPS positioning technology and smartphones helps you pinpoint the approximate location of a cell phone. Yes, the vast majority of our cell phones have equipped with GPS receivers, and the native location services are tremendously dependent on GPS. Native phone locators enable you to manage a cell phone remotely. You can not only track the current phone location but also you can activate the lost mode, and erase the date without touching the phone physically. What’s more, the built-in phone locators are surely free and safe to use.

However, you should make it clear that the default services can just work on the same mobile device on the planet. It means that Apple devices can’t install Android’s Find My Device and vice versa.

default location services

Method 3: Phone number tracking websites

Compared with mobile number tracker apps, gps phone number trackers can be much easier, for they don’t require any preinstallation of apps. You can just get the feature activated with an online process. GPSTracking is a brilliant representative of real-time mobile tracking websites. The website allows you to track any mobile device on the globe by phone number.  Just simply type in a phone number in the search bar, and you can just be ready to get an expected result. Worry about the limitations on how many numbers you can track. GPSTracking never sets any restrictions on its potential and performance. Hence, you can track any phone number you want online without any hassle.

GPSTracking as the most popular gps phone number tracker in 2022, is committed to providing users with the fastest and safest services. The website collects the basic information for the purpose of improving services, and the advanced encryption techniques won’t store any of your private information. Therefore, GPSTracking can be your trustworthy partner in mobile number tracking. You can discover how easy it is to activate the tracking function:

  1. Key in the phone number your want to track.
  2. Have a trial period to experience the high-quality services.
  3. Enter the phone number for receiving geolocation messages.
  4. Click into the message and you can see the real-time phone location online.

GPSTracking can be workable on any mobile model, carrier, and brand, so you will have been in a wonderland of phone location tracking without any worries!

gps phone number tracker

Is it legal for you to track one’s phone location?

It is common that we might link the legitimacy and ethical qualms with phone location tracking. However, phone number tracking can be legal in the following situations:

  1. Personal use. It is a legal practice for you to track phone location when your cell phone is missing or stolen.
  2. Track your underage kids. It can be legally accepted for you to track the cell phone of your underage kid.
  3. Gain the approval of your target. You can track one’s phone location legally if your target acknowledges your tracking process.


Therefore, it can’t be much easier for you to track phone location remotely by the virtue of modern technology. Hope all of you can find out the best way to track phone location when you are in great need!