4 Methods To Track An Android From An iPhone

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Commonly we might see many posts asking questions like” How can I track my boy’s Android on my iPhone” in Quora. Indeed, tracking an Android on an iPhone can be a widespread issue, for might be pertinent to something including cross-platform. However, we might not avert the question in our daily life-For example, you unpredictably lose your Android, but your friend nearby you is using an iPhone. Or even though you don’t lose your cell phone, you might feel uneasy when your boy doesn’t come back home at midnight, and you need to track his Android on your iPhone. If you are seeking the answer to the question, the write-up is worth your attention!

track Android from an iPhone

How to track an Android from an iPhone-4 methods

When comes to tracking an Android device from an iPhone, some people might frown and think it is really difficult. Contrary to these misconceptions, tracking an Android device on an iPhone can be not as hard as you think. Due to modern advancements, it is getting much and much easier than before! This part is here to settle the erroneous concepts.

Using Find My Device

Google has come with the “Find My Device” app for Android devices, but the app can’t be installed on an iPhone. Therefore, it might be a bit tricky for you to track an Android device on an iPhone. However, the handy tracking feature is still accessible to you if you have enabled the location tracking function on an Android. See how can it work on an iPhone:

  1. Enter the browser on an iPhone.
  2. Head to the website of Find My Device: https://www.google.com/android/find?google
  3. Launch into your Google account and then tap on the button “Next”.launch into Google account
  4. Type in your password and hit the “Next” button again, which will be redirected to the “main device page”.
  5. Tab on the “Location tag” icon on the map. The coordinated information about your lost Android device will appear on the page.

Get the above steps done, you can now trace the current location of an Android. Certain limitations of Find My Device must be acknowledged here:

  1. Make sure you have enabled the handy feature and locations service of the Android, or you will fail to get the location information.
  2. The feature requires an identity verification when you log in on another device—know the password of the account credentials, which might a relevant tough task if you need to track someone’s location through Find My Device. (It means you need to know the account’s password of your target.)

Trace the phone location through an IMEI number

The IMEI number, which is short for the Internation Mobile Equipment Identity, encrypts a lot of information about your mobile device. It can be incised in a cell phone, which can’t be easily altered unless with professional assistance. For its uniqueness and inflexibility, the IMEI number can be used to track and block cellular service remotely. But what if you neither remember such information nor haven’t the target Android cell phone nearby you? Here’s how you can retrieve the IMEI number via Find My Device:

  1. Let’s return to the information page of your target device, and you should tap the ‘i’ button next to your device’s name.trace phone location using IMEI number
  2. Related information including IMEI, First registered, and Last seen location will show on the iPhone screen.

Just mark down the IMEI number, and get access to the location information in two ways:

  1. Use an IMEI number tracker to track phone location on your own.
  2. Call the police or the carrier of the Android cell phone to blacklist the cell phone number, which can turn an Android into a useless brick. No one can get access to the service of the cell phone, which can protect the data security.

Using Google Maps between Android and iPhone

There might be a lot of incompatibility between iPhone and Android, which might hinder your tracking experience. However, Google Maps can work on both Android and iOS. Therefore, the location sharing of Google Maps can expose the location of an Android from an iPhone. Just head to the Google Maps app on your iPhone, and get the “Location Sharing” enabled, then you should click on “Share location” and determine how long you want to share location with others. Once get the steps done, you will be able to share the location with the Android user. Once the user gives his permission, you can see the real-time location of an Android. Obviously, this way might be viable when your Android cell phone is lost!

track phone location using Google Maps

Track down an Android by online gps phone tracker

There might be massive situations where you need to track down an Android including locating a lost phone and keeping a tab on one’s location. However, the above methods might fail to work in either situation. A perfect way comes in handy here. No password, no permission to location requests, and no presence of an Android—All that you need is just the phone number of the Android phone you want to trace. GPSTracking as the best online gps phone tracker can help you track down an Android in seconds. Here is the step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Type in the phone number of the Android cell phone.
  2. Have a trial plan.
  3. Key in the phone number of the iPhone on your hand.
  4. View the message indicating the location information of the Android.

online gps phone tracker

How amazing it can be with GPSTracking! A phone number can be the only thing you need to locate any phone of mobile brands on the globe! Yes, the gps location tracker is neither confined to the regional restrictions nor refrains from any platform. Therefore, you can feel free to find the exact location of an Android from an iPhone on GPSTracking!

Can you find an Android’s location if it is powered off?

Certainly. If the Android has run out of battery, the online map might display the last-seen location of the cell phone. Hence, you might get some hints about the phone location. Once the Android has charged and turned on, its location information will instantly be updated on the map. Just take it easy!

The final:

Despite the inconvenience and inflexibility of the operation system, we still have effective solutions for location tracking between Android and iOS. If you still have any other questions, just leave your comments below, and we feel honored to give you a quick reply!