How Can I Track Someone’s Location without Breaking the Law?

Last Updated on October 9, 2022 by chamspy

In speaking of tracking someone’s location, especially a loved one’s location, people always have their own reasons to do so. Under most circumstances, to track someone’s location, they normally track phones to find out where their friends or family are. Moreover, tracking a phone can be of huge help in finding a lost or stolen phone, in that case, a phone tracker is all you need to find the location.

For whatever purposes, today’s advanced tools offer flexibility and capability and let you track people’s location in multiple ways. If you are keen on knowing how to track someone’s location safely and legally, this short blog is for you!  Read on and learn more about legal ways to track someone’s phone.

Is it Possible to Legally Track Someone’s Phone?

To tell the truth, it is entirely illegal to track someone’s phone. However, unless you are a law enforcement agency, then you are legally allowed to so do. Besides, you should also be aware that there are no third-party apps that are safe enough for you to track a person’s location. Instead, the very important for you to know is that you have to get the target person’s permission to start tracking.

However, the good news is that you can track a phone provided that the owners allow it. For instance, tracking your friends or your family members’ phone is totally fine and doing so is simply out of safety concerns. On the contrary, if you do the same to spy on someone without their consent, then it will be regarded as a violation of privacy. So, to avoid all the legal hassle, please make sure you have the holder’s permission to track their phone.

With these in mind, below are some feasible methods of tracking someone by their phone number without having to break the laws:

Legal Ways to Track Someone by Their Phone Number

w1: Use a GPS Phone Tracker Service

These days, you will find a long list of phone tracking services to pick from. Most of them provide live location tracking of the phone number’s location, while some also let you track the location without letting them know.

Cell phone tracking tools powered by GPS work by transmitting a signal to either a server or to another mobile device and determining the phone’s exact position. Users can utilize this signal to get a person’s location. Kindly note, that this method only works best only when the feature is active on the target phone; It is worth noting that if the location is turned off on the target phone, it would be quite complicated to find the current position.

w2: Call the Network Provider

One of the easiest ways to track a phone’s location is to reach out to your phone network provider. Since a network provider saves all call logs, you can make queries about a specific phone number. But, the potential drawback here is that your network provider can only tell you the state and city where the phone call from.

w3. Try a Caller ID Identifier

Most telecom companies have a CNAM, namely the Caller ID Name identifier or a caller ID identifier. With it, the company helps identify the location of the caller through a paid service. Then, it will show the caller ID name on your screen even if the caller has a CNAM blocker that hides the caller’s phone number and name. A caller ID name is of great help in helping you track the name, state, and city of the owner. But, in most cases, one of the biggest concerns is that this information may not be fully accurate.

w4. Use Social Media

Last but not least, the final easy way to track someone’s location with a phone number is by searching it on different social media sites, such as Google, Instagram, as well as Facebook. Because both Google and Facebook will display the organizations or accounts the phone number relates to if it is public. Obviously, for this method to work, the phone number has to be connected to any Facebook profile or an organization owned by Google.

Can Someone Track My Phone Without Me Knowing?

Well, this is a good question since you know that tracking someone’s phone is pretty common today. You may also be concerned about anyone using the easy-to-use methods above to track your phone without you noticing. When this happens, this also means your important data can fall into the wrong hands! So, to avoid this, here is what you should do.

A quick guide to stop someone from tracking your phone:

  1. Remember to restart your phone frequently.
  2. Change your device’s password and use two-factor Authentication.
  3. Update the Software and App Version.
  4. Check your device for apps that are using your location, microphone, or camera.
  5. Be sure to turn off location sharing in Google Maps or Apple’s Find My.

All these described actions work well when it comes to keeping your data safe. By doing so, you can stop unscrupulous people or apps from tracking your phone.

Conclusion: The Best Way to Track Someone

Since there are a lot of fraud and scammer services on the internet, you should be very careful about your decision. Personally, a GPS Phone Tracker is a reliable and secure way to track someone’s cell phone. With a useful tool like this, you will always be aware of what’s going on around you. Now, it’s completely up to you what way to choose. Just make sure that it suits your needs and doesn’t involve any threats to a target person.