How To Track Your Lost Mobile Phone By Using IMEI Number?

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Before today’s post, here is a simple question for you: How will you respond to someone’s request for verifying your identity? It is general that most of you will take out your identity card. That’s the same for every cell phone. Each cell phone has its “identity card”—IMEI number. Since it is unique for every mobile device, the IMEI number can prove useful when we are trying to locate a cell phone when it is lost or stolen. Want to know more about the IMEI number? Today, we will unravel the mystery of the IMEI number for you. Also, you will get to know how to track your lost cell phone by using the IMEI number!

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI, short for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit code authorized by Global System for Mobile Communications Association(GSMA). It can be considered as an identity certificate for a cell phone. The IMEI number can be tracked every time a mobile device connects and uses the network to make or receive a phone call. Since the number is unique for every cell phone, it can be helpful in tracking phone location when your cell phone is lost.

Actually, the modern world has enabled us to track a cell phone through massive positioning technology ranging from GPS to Bluetooth. However, you should know that Bluetooth has its defect. If your cell phone has been taken out of the 10-meter range, Bluetooth might fail to track your cell phone. Instead, using the IMEI number tracking enables you to protect your invaluable data on the cell phone and turn the cell phone into nothing more than brick for the thief.

what is IMEI

The benefit of the IMEI number:

After knowing the definition of the IMEI number, let’s get closer to the features that make IMEI number tracking effective:

Difficult to change unless with the professional assistance

The fact is that the IMEI number can be changed by a professional and advanced tool called “Flasher”. Under a vast majority of circumstances, it can be pretty hard for people to get the IMEI number replaced unless they have professional assistance. However, once the IMEI number has been modified with a new one, it is almost impossible for you to track your cell phone anymore.

Ability to block the access to a cell phone and protect your data

As the police and service providers have databased where the series of numbers fall into white and black lists, a phone owner can report his/her IMEI number and make it blacklisted after a theft. This imperceptible step will turn the gadget on the hand of the theft into valueless brick. A cell phone with the disabled IMEI number cut off the connection with the outside world. The theft won’t be able to make a phone call or extract any useful data from the cell phone. Instead, once the theft uses the phone call, the police and service providers can track the current location of the cell phone.

Therefore, the IMEI number can play a pivotal role in tracking a lost cell phone. It is imperative that you should note down the IMEI number of your cell phone and place the information in a safe corner. Ok, now, the question switches to how we can find the IMEI number of your cell phone.

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How to find the IMEI number of your cell phone?

It will be pretty easy for you to detect the IMEI number with the presence of your cell phone. Here are some tips for helping your find the IMEI number of your cell phone:

Get the IMEI number at the quickest speed

The instant magic of making the IMEI number appear is to dial *#06. It works well both on Android and iOS. Hence, the IMEI number of your cell phone might be just one click away!

fast way to get IMEI number

Get access to the IMEI number of an Android

You can also find the IMEI number of an Android by navigating the “Setting” section. Here is the step-by-step procedure for you: Settings > My Phone > IMEI. Then, you will get access to the IMEI code on your Android phone.

get access to IMEI number of Android

Get the IMEI number from an iPhone

The same method can be applied to an iPhone. You can spot the IMEI number of an iPhone by following the below steps: Settings > General> About> IMEI. Therefore, it can be pretty easy for you to get the IMEI number with the presence of an iPhone.

ways to get IMEI number

Other ways:

The IMEI number can be available to you in other ways—In most cases, the IMEI number exists on the reverse side of a phone, or underneath the removable battery. If your cell phone has been lost, you can also find out the packaging or receipt of your cell phone where you might target the IMEI number of your lost mobile device.

IMEI number to track lost phone

How to track your lost mobile phone by using the IMEI number?

After accessing your IMEI number, you will own two ways to go to track a lost mobile device by using the IMEI number.

Way 1: Seek help from the police or service providers

As we have mentioned above, police and service providers own massive data about the IMEI number. Commonly, we will be afraid of information leakage, blacklisting the IMEI number can block entry to your private information. Once your IMEI number has fallen in the blacklist, your cell phone will no longer be accessed by anyone. Also, once your cell phone has connected to the network, the police and the service providers will get the notification of the location of your cell phone.

Way 2: Use IMEI number trackers

Instead of depending on others, you can also determine the real-time phone location on your own. Just choose a reliable third-party IMEI number tracker. Follow the instruction and type in the IMEI number of your cell phone. After finishing the configuration, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your cell phone.

The best alternative of an IMEI number tracker

What if you have lost your packaging and your cell phone without marking down the IMEI number? Modern technology renders you the best alternative. If you have remembered your cell phone number, you will be able to grasp the location information of your cell phone. A location tracker by phone number can be the one that makes this scene no longer a realm in fiction novels. GPSTracking, a gps phone number tracker, is one of the outstanding representatives. GPSTracking enables you to identify the exact location of your lost phone via phone number. More surprisingly, it can free you from downloading or installing any app. Just a phone number and a few clicks on the websites, and you can locate a lost cell phone. Know more about the spotlights of the tool:

  1. Real-time movements tracking, helping you know the route at any time and anywhere.
  2. Precise location tracking, allowing you to determine the exact position of your mobile device
  3. 100% security, protecting your identity while using the service
  4. Technical support all around the clock, addressing all kinds of problems for you without any delay
  5. Activation without app installation, making you able to track a cell phone online

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