Four Steps To Help You To Locate A Phone That Is Turned Off

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Although it can never be much easier for you to locate a lost phone in the modern era, it is still financial and emotional challenging for you to lose your cell phone. You might misplace your cell phone at home, but you lose your memory of where it is. In this situation, you’d better make full use of the default phone locator to ring your cell phone, helping you to find your cell phone. However, another tough circumstance for you is that someone might steal your cell phone without your notice. Canny theft might turn off your cell phone, disabling you to contact your gadget and making it harder to find the lost device. You still feel the same niggling doubt—Can you still locate a cell phone that is switched off?

Ok, just stop googling online. We are here to dispel your doubt, and we are here to give you an exact answer—Though it might be more difficult for you to track a phone that is off, it is still possible for you to locate cell phone location with an off cell phone. You are supposed to find satisfying answers in this write-up!

locate cell phone location

How to locate an Android that is turned off?

Android device has its built-in service to locate an Android effortlessly. If you ever get lucky and your missing cell phone is still on, you can utilize “Find My Device’ to track down the real-time location of your lost phone. Otherwise, when your cell phone is offline, turned off, or out of battery, you will still be able to see the last known location of your cell phone. Just follow the below steps, and then you will be able to track the location of your Android:

  1. Enter or open the “Find My Device” app on another Android device.
  2. You will be prompted to launch into your Google account (Just make sure that your lost cell phone has been linked to your Google account)
  3. Select your target device from the “All Devices” list,
  4. Click on your missing device to see its location

Find My Device

Google Maps records your location history with its feature called “Your Timeline”. Get the feature activated, and you can review the location history of your cell phone when it is still on, which can help you estimate the location of your cell phone.

How to track an iPhone that has been off?

Find My iPhone has been developed for a period, and it has been a versatile tool to track the location of iOS devices. You can also use Find My iPhone to track a lost phone in several simple steps:

  1. Head to “Find My” on another iOS device
  2. Click on “Devices”
  3. Choose your lost phone from the list
  4. Click into the cell phone, and then you will see the location information

Surely, you can ask the help from your family members who are also using iPhones. How can your friends and family help you:

  1. Enter “Find My” on their device
  2. Click on “Family”, and then tab on your device
  3. Now, you can see the current location of your lost iPhone

use Find My to locate phone

Remember you should have ever shared your location with your family and friends, and you have established an open community for tracking location. Otherwise, this way can’t work! To open up more possibilities for tracking your cell phone, just share your location with your family from now on!

A proven way to track any phone that is off in just four steps:

Despite the usefulness of the above two ways, you must have noticed their defects—They lack the capacity for cross-platform operation. Is there a way that can get things done and forever? Gone are days when you just have few ways to track a lost phone. The new era has explored more ways for you to track any phone that is off in just a few steps. Here, a proven way comes in handy. Online phone number trackers are helping you out of the way. Phone number locators enable you to track a cell phone by number regardless of time, place, and mobile model. The online ones are freeing you from the installation of applications. Therefore, all that you need is to track real-time phone location online. This effective way can let you track the last seen location of a phone which is off within 4 steps:

  1. Key in the phone number of your lost phone
  2. Have a trial period if this is your first intention to use the tool
  3. Provide the tool with  the phone number used for getting notification message
  4. Click on the message and check the latest location of your cell phone

4 steps to get cell phone location

Once your cell phone has been on and connected to the network, the online map will be updated automatically. Therefore, the tools just do all the job for you! With just a verified phone number, you can track any phone on the globe. Phone number trackers deserve to have a universal application:

  1. Find a lost mobile device in seconds
  2. Track the real-time location of someone by phone number
  3. Let the customers check the real-time movements of the delivery
  4. Help recipients in the call centers to locate callers immediately

phone number tracker

Therefore, you can use the versatile tool to safeguard your cell phone and your family effectively.

The Bottom Line:

Hope the post above is useful and can help you locate your missing off turned off cell phone! Please do hesitate to comment below if you still have any questions about the topic or any other relevant issues. Also, we hope that you will never have such a discouraging experience!