How Can I Track A Lost Android Device Using IMEI?

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It is common that the mobiles of people are lost or stolen somewhere on a frequent basis. The one who has lost his or her phone will surely try hard to find it back as losing a phone can be the most terrible experience in real life. But, don’t worry too much, since every Android phone has tools that make it easier to lock and track a lost phone, you can just make full use of the Android’s pre-installed tools to track a phone and find a lost phone. So, in this write-up, we are going to teach you some effective ways to find a missing Android phone. Without wasting too much time, let’s start learning.

What is the IMEI Number

IMEI or international mobile equipment identity number is a unique 15-digit number and helpful to identify devices on mobile networks. IMEI comes very handy when your phone is lost or stolen. With it, you can stop the device which will help block the activity on mobile such as data network, calling, messaging services, carrier services, and so on.

How to Find the IMEI Number

Well, before you decide to track a lost phone using IMEI, remember that you need to know the IMEI before you do so. The fact is that the IMEI number is usually located on a sticker behind the battery, on the rear of the phone, or hidden in the box. In case the unique number is invisible, the universal way to find the IMEI number is to dial *#06# and make a commend to get the number. Sooner and later, you will get to know the number on the phone screen. Another method is to open the About section of the phone.

IMEI number

Tools to Track Lost Android Using IMEI Number

Whether or not you have heard of someone mentioning “find my device with IMEI” or you have got to know the term “IMEI” before, it is very helpful and useful in terms of finding a lost phone. If you want to trace your lost phone, you can use the IMEI tracker or the IMEI phone tracker provided on the internet to find the lost device. Also, there are some other apps that help you find your lost phone with an IMEI number as follows:

1. Famisafe

There are many IMEI tracker apps available on the internet these days, but, the one we would recommend you to use is Famisafe because it is reliable. It provides users with accurate data concerning the phone’s location once they lost it. It is more than just an app but a comprehensive solution that makes digital life easier. In addition, to find a lost phone, it also comes with advanced parental control features; If you have a family with children and you are worried about their lifestyle, then this app is your best choice.


2. Google Find My Device

Have you ever been googling about how to track lost mobile with an IMEI number? If so, you should never miss out on Google’s own Find My Device app. This app will report your device’s current location, if not, it may display the last known location of your lost device. Make sure to sign in to the same Google account which is closely linked to your Android phone.

Google Find My Device

Can I Track A Mobile With Just Phone Number?

Now, let’s give a short answer to this important question that many people may have in their minds – Yes, you can definitely track a phone by number. In case the mentioned above methods do not fit your needs, you can always opt for a phone number tracker tool to locate a lost Android device. It allows you to track anyone or any mobile device via phone number online without installing apps or software. This service works to report guaranteed results with the help of a powerful geolocation system as long as the mobile device has internet, WiFi, or data connection.

Some Important Things You Should Also Know

In the event of your phone disappear, keep in mind that don’t try to recover it on your own. Here are some crucial things you need to pay attention to:

  • Do not fact the theft.
  • Create a secure lock screen.
  • Turn on Google’s find my device feature.

Wrap Up

We have described how to track lost mobile phones using an IMEI number. Using an IMEI tracker or using Google Find My Device, also, discussed some important useful things that you can follow. If you have further questions about this topic or you have some suggestions, comment below to let us know.