Can I Track A Lost Phone Which Is Switched Off?

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The world is brimming with unpredictability and possibility. For example, no matter how careful you are, you might still undergo the painful experience of missing a cell phone. If you are lucky, you might just leave it under your seat at home. If you are unlucky, it falls out of your bag or pocket when you are hurrying to go to work, you leave it behind at a bar, or someone steals it.

The moment you realize your cell phone is gone can be a moment of unease and panic. You try to call your phone number immediately, but you find it has been switched off somehow. Losing contact with your cell phone and uncertainty about the data security of a cell phone might give you a hard thump once again. Do you have no choice but to buy another new device?

Wait! Modern technology still retain hope for you to track a lost phone! Let’s have a glance at how you can find a cell phone when it is off!

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Can you track a lost device when it is off?

The answer can be simply yes. Although it might be easier for you to locate a lost device when it is still on, we can still possibly find the exact location of a lost gadget when it is powered off or turned off. Here are several ways for you to ensure you can find the lost cell phone when it is lost! You might no longer have any trouble determining the location of a cell phone after reading this ultimate guide!

track a lost phone when it is switched off

When you realize your cell phone is lost:

It is crucial to evaluate the missing device situation in its entirety. Therefore, let’s first start with the heartbroken moment when you find your cell phone missing;

  1.  When you first notice your device is lost, find a cell phone and try to call your phone number. The ring of your cell phone might lead you to find it. If your cell phone is in mute mode, you can log in to your account on the native phone locator where you can also play a sound on your cell phone. (You can hear the sound even if it is set to a silent mode)
  2. Try to assume the device’s last known location and search for your cell phone there.
  3. If it’s nowhere nearby, use a phone or computer to launch into your native online gps phone tracker, and lock your cell phone in order to restrain anyone from unlocking your cell phone, and misusing your personal information.

A lost mode can protect your data security, and you can now focus your attention to locate a lost cell phone!

How to track the location of a lost phone on a cell phone spy app?

A cell phone spy app can not only show its values when you need to keep tabs on one’s activities but also it can be used to track the location of your lost phone. You can indeed track your lost mobile phone by using a third-party spy app like mSpy. The powerful tool enables you to manage and sync your valuable  data remotely, which can mitigate the negative effects of losing a cell phone. However, the solution requires you precautionary steps on your cell phone before you lose it—You need to get the app preinstalled on your cell phone. Then, you can log in to your account, and click on the dashboard. The application will then access the location information of your cell phone instantly!

Verdict: A phone spy app can be helpful with the wide coverage of handy features. However, it might not a money-friendly method for you, for advanced features might be activated at a higher expense.

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How to locate a lost device on Google Maps?

If you are searching for a free option, Google Maps can meet your demands perfectly. Google Maps has developed great fame in location services. Its prowess in location service also enables you to track a lost device on the platform. Make sure you have signed up for your Google account on your cell phone, then you can locate the location of your lost phone in several easy steps:

  1. Head to Google Maps, and click on the menu. (The icon with three horizontal lines)
  2. Choose “Your Timelines” among the options.
  3. Select the specific date, and then you can see the location history of your cell phone.

The specific location history lets you find your cell phone much easier, at least you might flash back to the memory of places where you might lose your device!

Verdict: Google Maps has enjoyed a great reputation for its safe and free service. Therefore, you can be free from worrying about unsafety while using this free service! It is a great method of seeing the latest-known location of a cell phone!

Google Maps

How to locate a lost phone via built-in service?

Mobile devices have their default services which have been installed to track a lost cell phone. The services can still work even if the cell phone has been off. For instance, Apple has updated Find My iPhone. It enables users to track their devices even if the cell phone has been offline. It is worth noting that the services boast the capacity of managing cell phones remotely aside from viewing the last-known location. However, you should make sure that you have launched the account on your lost cell phone.

Verdict: The native services are allowing users to track phone location in real time even if the cell phones are powered off. However, greatly relying on GPS positioning technology, the built-in services might have limitations including imprecision in certain conditions.

How to find the exact location of a cell phone without any installation?

Getting a tracking app installed on your cell phone might be a cumbersome process, for you might need to take the operating system into account. It means that you need to see whether the app can be compatible with the operating system of your cell phone. In addition, the application might require a regular update on a cell phone, which occupies storage space on your cell phone. It is high time that you should turn to an alternative—GPSTracking.

GPSTracking service enables you to track real-time phone location by phone number in real time on the Internet. You can carry out the whole process online without any installation. The only step for activation can be typing your phone number in the search bar. Then, you can just key in the phone number of your friend. The service will do the rest job for you. All that you need to do is to click on the message sent to your friend’s number. On the digital map, GPSTracking as the best online gps phone tracker will show the latest location of your device before it is turned off. Once your cell phone is on and connected to the network again, the map will instantly update the location information for you!

Verdict: Its ease of use is friendly to everyone who is in hurry to track a lost device. No other tedious steps, or annoyance at failing to activate the service, this online gps phone tracker just lets you enjoy the fancy function in the easiest and most relaxing way!

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Wrapped up:

Therefore, there are massive ways for you to track an off cell phone! Just give it a nice try! If you have any other great ways, feel free to share them with us below!