How To Track Someone’s Location On Whatsapp Without Letting Him Know?

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by chamspy

The initial purpose of the inception of social media platforms is to enhance instant communication between people. Along with the further development and advanced progress, social media apps are launching more interactive features to improve user experience and fulfill the appetite of users. Whatsapp, as one of the top three social media platforms, offers a “Share Location” feature, which allows users to share location in private and group chats. Whatsapp is establishing connections between people through real-time location tracking and sharing. If you are a frequent Whatsapp user, you can’t miss this post! Just try out the following way to track the exact location of someone you matter most in a hidden status.

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Easy guide for you to track someone’s location on Whatsapp:

Quick and simple access to real-time location feature accounts for the huge popularity of Whatsapp. Let’s see how easy it is for us to track someone’s whereabouts on WhatsApp(Note: the following steps should be carried out on the target device)

  1. Choose a chat or a group chat on Whatsapp and then tab on the “Attach file” iconlocate someone on WhatsApp
  2. Click on the “Location” symbol and then choose “Share Live Location“share live location on whatsapp
  3. Select the time duration to share the location and tap  “Send”. You can share the location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or eight hours.

send location on WhatsApp

The exact location can be presented on Google Maps. Acknowledgment of the location enables you to estimate the arrival time of your buddies and ensure their security. The drawback of this way might not be overlooked. You might need to fetch the target cell phone of your target, which also means that you need to unlock the cell phone with a password for activating the feature. Another point is that you need to reach an agreement with the other person. Otherwise, he can decline the location request at any time.

How to track someone’s location on Whatsapp without his acknowledgment?

There are situations where we don’t want to expose our identity while locating someone’s position. In addition, as we mentioned above, the location request might be rejected by your target. Therefore, you are supposed to figure out a way to track someone’s location in a hassle-free way. GPSTracking – the online location tracking software comes in handy, helping you to identify the whereabouts of someone carefreely! Let’s check some key benefits of the solution:

  1. No requirement for app installation. You can enable the tracking process online without additional applications. You can never hurry to download and install an app before you want to enjoy the service.
  2. Cross-platform operation. The resort is highly compatible with the most commonly used system on the market, especially iOS & Android, regardless of mobile network, brand, or model.
  3. Ease of use. User-considerate interface and process enable you to track someone’s location within several steps. You will never worry about tedious steps.
  4. Accurate and ensured geolocation results. Some free websites might trick you with a false web page or result. However, our high-quality service will be our pledge for you.
  5. Worry-free solution. Worry about the technical problems during the process? Our technical staff will work all around the clock and solve the problems for you. You can surely contact us if any help is needed.
  6. Anonymous tracker. Your identity will keep in a hidden status, and your loved ones will know nothing about your tracking activities.
  7. Safe of use. We promise that we will just collect some basic information for perfecting our service. We will neither store any private data nor sell your information to third parties for financial interest.

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How does GPSTracking work?

Mobile tracking technology has been more trendy with the outbreak of the epidemic, for people can’t meet each other physically. GPSTracking-the best gps phone tracker strives to connect people with their loved ones in this difficult time. GPSTracking enables you to stay connected with your family by following the four steps:

  1. Enter the phone number you want to track
  2. Choose the subscription plan
  3. Key in the phone number you want to receive the location information
  4. Receive the result by clicking on the message

Just with a phone number, then you can track a Whatapp user’s location without letting him know! What a nice and worthy try!

working steps of gps location tracker

Should you choose a free mobile tracking service?

Listen, it is common that everyone wants to purchase a wonderful service at the most considerate price. However, you should think about it twice when you are planning to choose a free tool. Cases of incidental leakage or malicious data-selling conduct are mounting these days. The astonishing figures are sounding an alert for you. Believe it or not, some free websites are making profits by selling private data to third-party organizations. On no account that you should get location results at the cost of data security.

The End:

There is no exact answer on which is the best way for you to track someone’s location. However, in case he refuses your request, or you want to locate someone without him knowing, you can track GPSTracking on your top list. It can be the best bit. If you want to know more about the service, just leave your subscribe our channel, and we will update more high-quality posts for you!