How To Track Location Of A Cellular Device By Number?

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Reasons to track the location of a cellular device can differ. You might want to track the current location of a cell phone for searching for a lost cell phone. You might desire to see where your loved one is when you are not with him/her. Whatever the case is, tracking the current location of a cell phone by number will no longer be a tough task on the grounds of advanced tracking tools. Today, we will list tools that allow you to track the location of a mobile device by number with an online process!

track the location of a cellular device

How to track the location of a cellular device online by number?

Gone are days when it took you a few days or much more time to track the real-time location of a cell phone. The location tracking tools have revolutionized our lives in the past few decades. If you are curious about the amazement brought by the tools, you shouldn’t miss this part!

Tool 1: GPS Mobile Number Tracker

It is a simply-designed website that enables you to track any phone on the globe for free. The tool provides you with proximate location information by tracing back the history saved by GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and cell tower triangulation. The online locator can locate a cell phone all over the world with 100% free of charge. However, you should note the website assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the location. Due to the lack of 24/7 customer support, you might have no way but to accept the truth if the tool can’t deliver a result to you.

GPS mobile number tracker

Tool 2: Phone location

The website unfolds the real-time location on an online map. Working on multi-platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry, the tool lets you track any mobile device in the world on the dash once you type in the phone number. Both the location coordinate displayed and location tracking operate invisibly. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about any notification message being sent to the target. The tool offers customer support all around the clock, which means that you can seek help from others when you encounter problems.


Tool 3: GPSTracking-best cell phone tracker by number in 2022

The cell phone tracker by number unleashes all possibilities for you to track a cell phone. Want to connect with your loved ones without regional limitations? GPSTracking enables you to find out the exact location of your target phone number. Want to locate any phone with a link being sent? GPSTracking is what supports you to do so with the fulfillment of geolocation requests. Afraid of falling into the tricks of miscellaneous websites? GPSTracking as the most welcomed cell phone tracker by number promises not to collect any of your personal information. All the information gleaned by the tool won’t be sold to third parties. The reason why the tool needs to gather your information is with the ultimate goal of better and targeted service. Therefore, just feel relaxed to activate the service.

cell phone tracker by number

Tool 4: Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile number tracker is one of the top websites for tracking mobile numbers, landline numbers, and tracing bulk SMS senders. All the location results will be presented on Google Maps where you can see the location of a cell phone easily and directly. The entire process will just take less than 10 seconds. However, it is noted that the website just leaves you two options for region: India and the U.S.

How to choose the best online tracking service to track phone location?

Above are just some deputies of online services for location tracking, a great number of online phone service providers are committed to offering high-quality service. However, some are just making up the number. Therefore, it is important for you to find a trustworthy partner for location tracking. Here are some basic criteria for you:

  1. Accurate and quick location response. The effectiveness should be one of the prominences for phone location tracking, so a reliable tool should deliver a guaranteed result in whatever situation.
  2. Wide coverage of tracking. A phone location tracking service should set no restrictions on its capacity of tracking any cell phone on the globe.
  3. Ease of use. The target customers of the service can be anyone in the world. Therefore, both professionals and tech novices might have the opportunity to track a cell phone. The service provider can be more user-friendly, and take care of the needs of different people.
  4. Workability on different platforms. People are using different mobile brands, and platforms. Therefore, the workability of different platforms should be one of the important factors.
  5. Customer support. It is inevitable that you might face some technical problems while using the service, a helping hand is a must for you, and it is one of the components of after-sale service.

Just add the above requirements to your “Favorite”, in case you will need to choose the right tool one day!

It is legal for you to track someone’s phone location?

It is law-accepted and common conduct for you to track phone location if you have found your cell phone lost or stolen. Tracking the real-time phone location might not guarantee that you can get your cell phone back, but it can improve the chance. The wide application of phone location tracking also leads to insight into the legitimacy of phone location tracking. Nowadays, more and more families or partners are using advanced GPS tracking technology to get each other to know their real-time whereabouts. Critics contest that the practice has been a privacy violation. However, the truth is that once you have gained the consent of the target, phone location tracking can be acceptable by law. What’s more, the law has allowed parents to track the cell phones of their kids who are under 18 years old.

permission of tracking phone location


You can track a targeted device or user with a phone number alone. The article has introduced four top websites that you can utilize to get the location of a mobile device. All the options prove effective, and we hoop they can meet your demands. If you have any top recommendations, just leave your voice below the comment bar!