How To Locate Your Cheating Spouse’s Location?

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A faithful partner can be paramount in your life. He/She can be a great listener when you want to relieve your negative emotion. He can be your strongest support when you encounter difficulties in life. However, fidelity is not easy for anyone (and many don’t even value it). This is even more true in modern society. Open social media platforms have enriched the approaches for you to get acquainted with people from all over the world, which also lowers the cost and difficulty of having an affair. This can partly account for the common issue of infidelity in marriages. A dishonest relationship seemingly has deteriorating effects on either side, thus creating a fallout.

Have you ever noticed changes in the attitude of your partner? Are you worried about whether your spouse is cheating on you? Today, this post will exploit some helpful gps location tracking tools for you (Note: cover both Android and iOS), helping you find out where your cheating partner is. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look!

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What are the signs of a cheater in a relationship?

The solid base in a healthy relationship is mutual communication and trust. I believe that most of you must be tortured by sweet memories and cruel truth when you have detected some signs of your cheating spouse. In some cases, you want to bravely solve the problems and ask him/her whether he/she is trying to hide something from you. However, he/she might shift your focus instead of giving you an explicit answer. Actually, there are certain behavioral changes when someone is cheating on you in a relationship. This part is going to tell you some signs of a cheater in a relationship, helping you to do the right decision in a relationship!

Changes in daily conversations and communication

A breakdown in communication is never a positive sign, in particular in an intimate relationship. For example, they no longer share their day with you, or the words “I love you” are longer spoken. This might be an underlying issue and hidden danger for you. What’s worse, they might no longer care about your thoughts, what you say or what you like. They might even be impatient while talking to you. You should be malicious about these changes in your daily communication, and they might represent infidelity, at least these might not happen in a healthy relationship.

changes in daily communication of couple

Appearance and hobbies

This can include several aspects. On one hand, your spouse might get agitated about your appearance, and they might dislike your appearance suddenly, which might make you low self-esteem. Another sign might lie in his/her sudden increased interest in their appearance.  You should pay more attention to their longer and longer hours at work. They might just meet someone else after work.

Lying and avoidance

Lying can be one of the red flags in a relationship. It is an indicator of cheating behaviors. Your spouse is breaking the base of a relationship. For example, your boyfriend might tell you that he is going to jack’s birthday party tonight. However, you have just gotten to know that Jack’s birthday has not yet arrived. In addition, you might find that he began being averse to your involvement in his life, for he is unwilling to introduce you to his friends.

avoidance of your spouse

There are many other hints indicating your spouse is cheating on you. For instance, he/she might be indifferent about the relationship and emotion. However, your spouse might even remove the responsibility instead of confessing what he/she has done. They might even say that you are cheating in the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have solid proof! So how?

How to find the whereabouts of your cheating partner?

Thanks to advanced GPS positioning technology, the location tracking feature is accessible to the general public. Therefore, no matter whether you are a tech novice or professional, you can track the location of someone easily. You can grasp all the information on your screen. In this section, we go beyond a brief introduction of each method. We will extend the pros and cons of every method, helping you do the best option!

Way 1: Default gps phone locator

Modern smartphones are commonly equipped with built-in location tracking services. The inception of the default phone trackers lies in tracking a lost mobile device. With a specific account, you can track the devices linked with the account for free. Therefore, it has wide applications in tracking someone’s location. For example, you can track the Android of your dear one by using Find My Device, while you can use Find My iPhone to track the iPhone of your partner. The tool is free and easy to use, and it can update the location for you regularly.


  1. Free and easy for you to use
  2. Prove and safe way for you to track your spouse


  1. You must know the account credentials of your partner, or you might fail to realize your goal
  2. Your spouse might get the notification when you have launched into his account

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Way2: Social media platforms

Social media platforms have provided you with great services like short videos, recommendations as well as instant communication by collecting location data. In the past few years, to improve the instant interaction between people, social media platforms have developed location-sharing features, binding you with your loved ones at any time and anywhere. Therefore, you can use media platforms like Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger to share your location with your partner. Once you have gained his/her permission to the location request, you will be able to determine where he/she is.


  1. Free and handy feature that can be accessible to you


  1. Your target should get the location service enabled on the app
  2. He/she must permit the location request

Way 3: Anonymous location tracker by cell phone numbers

As we can see from above, your spouse might get to know your tracking activities, which might lead to devastating consequences in your relationship. Is there any hidden way for you to track your spouse? Here come anonymous location tracker by cell phone numbers like GPSTracking. GPSTracking goes more than an effective phone finder that can help you locate a lost phone, it can also help you keep a tab on the location of your spouse. What’s more, GPSTracking is a discreet method for you to track the exact location of your dear one. Sound brilliant? It will give you more surprises here: Neither you need to know about the account credentials nor prior permission of location request. All you need to know is just a phone number. The phone number of your partner is the sole condition for you to track current phone location.


  1. 100% anonymous to track your spouse, helping you avoid further conflict and confirm your speculation
  2. Easy for both green hand and tech-savvy to use
  3. Utterly safe to use, for it won’t store any private information
  4. Track any mobile phone regardless of brands, carriers, and so on


  1. You might pay for the service ( You are allowed to have a trial period, and you can renew the subscription plan if you are content with the service)

location tracker by cell phone number

Final words:

We all understand that it is harsh for you to confront the cheating of your spouse. However, you should note that every intimate relationship is a sacred bond, and the cruel truth and your depression are just momentary. Getting away from an unhealthy relationship will offer you great treasure and surprises in the future.