How To Track Your Kid’s Cell Phone Location In Real Time—Best Tools in 2022

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Nowadays, youngsters have had more freedom to roam in their spare time, played with friends outside freely, and generally remained unobserved for hours, only to be seen when they have dinner with their family members. The family might know nothing about where they have been. Whilst random or occasional fatal injury seems common in daily life, but it can be a mental torment for parents and people who love them. Now, different from what we did in the past, we can now grasp the real-time whereabouts of your kids by phone number.  Here’s our selection of the best tools for tracking a child’s whereabouts.

Why do you need to track your kid’s real-time phone location?

It is an arguable truth that kids are owning their digital devices at a more and more young age. It has given more you opportunities when you are in great urgency in tracking kids’ whereabouts. But you might be curious about the reasons for tracking your kid’s phone location in real time. Here we are listing some of the reasons.

  1. For safety concerns. Kids might bear more risks under the advanced location tracking features. Not only the government but also strangers can reach the location information of a kid. This can account for an increasing number of kidnapping cases. Therefore, knowing the real-time location of a kid can attach great importance to the security of a kid. At least, you might detect something when your kid might stay still at a certain place.
  2. Emergency response. Knowing the real-time whereabouts of a kid might give a hint about the status of a kid. In addition, some location tracking tools feature SOS alert, which enables your kid to send a notification when they encounter some problems.
  3. Deliver a completely peaceful mind. Offline security of a kid will involve all of your nerves, which means that knowing the real-time whereabouts of your kid will peacify your mind.

In a nutshell, it is advisable to always be aware of your child’s whereabouts in order to ensure his safety and security.

How to track your kid’s cell phone location in 2022-Proven tools

You might first think about the reverse phone lookup tools when it comes to tracking cell phone location. However, you should know that the information it offers is based on the recorded information online, which might be not so efficient and effective. What’s more, it can’t be real-time phone location. However, more ways are being devised here to track your kid’s real-time whereabouts.

Tool 1: Native phone locators

Both Android and Apple have come with their own native phone locators, which are initially designed for locating lost devices effectively. However, you can also use the tools to track a cell phone location of someone by launching into his account credentials. For example, if you need to track the phone location of your kid via Find My Device, you need to have the Google account signed in. It can be the same for you if you need to track an iPhone through Find My. Native phone locators can operate both on the apps and web pages. Additionally, you can use the tools for free.


  1. Free and easy to use


  1. Only track phone location of the same brand.
  2. You need to know the account information if you need to track phone location of someone else.

Tool 2: Phone number locators

Phone number locators are typically divided into two categories-both apps and online websites. Phone number locators work by identifying phone location by phone number. The tools will take advantage of GPS positioning technology, and then track phone location without any extra effort. Online phone number trackers like GPSTracking skip app installation, which means that you don’t need to get the app installed on your cell phone. Full coverage and utilization on different mobile brands allow you to track a cell phone regardless of time and region. Therefore, you will never lose the connection with your kids wherever they are. Neither you need to send a location request nor grasp any account information, then you can get phone location requests instantly. Highly precise location information can be accessed online within a few clicks on the website.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. No need for app installation.
  3. No restrictions on mobile brands, carriers, and models.
  4. Fulfill all your location requests at once.


  1. You might need to establish a membership before you use the service.

Tool 3: Family locators

Versatile family locators are covering functions from real-time location tracking to driving reports, which can protect the safety of a family. Take a typical example, Life 360 is aimed at delivering a peaceful mind to all families by tracking phone location in real time. You can track the real-time location of someone on a digital map with a few clicks. What makes it distinct from other people is that you can construct a private circle on the app, and send the invitation to your family. Once they have accepted your invitation, you can check their real-time location on the map privately and conveniently.


  1. Ease of use.
  2. Private circle of location tracking, which is safe to use.
  3. Additional features like driving reports.


  1. You need to have app installation.
  2. You need to have a family billing plan.

Which one is the best answer?

There is no definitive answer for the questions, as you might also have no answer for your options at some juncture in life. Considering the pros and cons listed above, you are supposed to choose the most suitable one for your individual use. Therefore, you should think about it carefully, taking your actual needs, price, etc into full consideration.

Wrapped up:

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