How To Track Phone Location Via Google Maps?

Last Updated on October 9, 2022 by chamspy

The powerfulness of Google Maps can be neglected by no means. It can be the navigator that will lead us when we are lost. It can be the route planner when you are searching for the fastest way to get to the destination. Also, it can turn your cell phone into a phone location tracker-Yes, Google Maps boasts functionalities that allow you to track cell phone location. Just continue your reading in this article, and learn about tracking the location of a cell phone with Google Maps.

Track phone location via Google Maps for free

In fact, Google Maps has handy features offered to you for location tracking, so it can’t be easier for you to track phone location on Google Maps. More importantly, you can find out the location of a cell phone without any cost on Google Maps. In this section, we will classify the situations where you need to track phone location. Let’s cut in the topic without any delay!

Google Maps location sharing

In this modern era, there are increasing common moments when we need to know someone’s location for safety concerns, curiosity, and so on. Whatever the case is, location sharing can be more and more commonplace in our daily life. The obsession with location sharing has made Google Maps one of the heated apps for families and friends for location sharing. It has built-in features that allow users to share their location with each other. The step-by-step procedure can be:

  1. Head to the Google Maps app, and tab on the profile icon on the screen.
  2. Choose “Location sharing”.
  3. Choose the person you want to share the location with and set how long you want to share the location.
  4.  Tap on”Share location”, and you can see one’s location when he clicks on the location request.

With the above four simple steps, you will be able to track one’s phone location effortlessly. However, there are still some must-know truths for you here:

  1. Make sure you and the person you want to share your location with have enabled the location feature on Google Maps. (The location data can then be accessible to Google Maps.)
  2. You need to get the permission of the target if you want to track someone’s phone location. Also, you have to restart the tracking process if the time expires.
  3. Google Maps will send the notification message to your target when you are seeing his location on Google Maps.

Therefore, Google Maps allows you to track someone’s phone location with great ease. By the way, location tracking techniques can also be applied to finding one’s lost phone. How?

Google Timeline

Finding the location of a lost cell phone remains one of the universal circumstances as well, and it is a piece of cake for you if you have Google Maps. What’s the most intractable issue for you when you find your cell phone missing? One of the answers on the list must be a failure to trace back where you have lost your cell phone.

Here, Google Maps help get your memory back! Google Timelines, a location history service provided by Google Maps, will keep track of every footprint of your cell phone. If Google Maps is installed on your smartphone and you are logged into the Google Maps app with your Google account, the timeline will automatically record the location history of your cell phone. You can select the specific day and see where your cell phone has been. Also, you can see the transportation you have taken and how long you have been stayed at somewhere through the enabled function.

Therefore, you can track phone location on Google Maps for free according to your actual needs. Just choose the best way that suits you best!

Top alternatives of Google Maps for phone location tracking:

Despite its ease of use and zero cost for phone location tracking, you might meet some restrictions including a perceptible tracking process and renewal of location tracking. Therefore, here might be some trustworthy alternatives for you to choose from. Let’s have a glance at them!

Alternative 1: Mainstream social media platforms

Major social media platforms go beyond information exchanging platforms. Apart from texting with your friends, you can capture the footprint of someone instantly on the platform. The built-in location sharing features on popular social media apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger are reconnecting people with instant location sharing and tracking on the platform. Commonly, the location will be updated on the map once the person has given his/her permission. Therefore, you can just feel free to use the handy features on social media platforms.

Verdict: The bilateral communicating and sharing method can be greatly useful for you to track someone’s phone location. However, if you want to track phone location of a lost device, your effort might go in vain in this method. Just swipe the screen and see another versatile tool here.

Alternative 2: GPS location tracker

GPS location trackers have scored enviable achievements amid the rapid progress of mobile location tracking technology. The benefits of GPS phone location tracking can be shared as widely as possible-Not only can the government can track one’s movement, but also ordinary people can access the location information of others without extra effort. It means that you can keep an eye on the movement of your loved ones and track the location of a lost phone without any difficulty. All the results are at your fingertip.

GPSTracking is the tool that can delineate the blueprint of location tracking at the moment. Compared with the above method, you can feel easy to use GPSTracking on both tracking someone by phone number and locating a lost cell phone. All that you need is a phone number-With a phone number, and then you can track any mobile device which is lying in any corner of the world within seconds. No matter whether you are on the way home or working in the office, simple input of a phone number can unlock the phone location for you immediately.

Verdict: The GPS phone location tracker enables you to track phone location without app installation of a cell phone, which can be much easier for users to operate. Hence, there is also no need for you to worry about the workability of the tool, for the whole process can be carried out online. Just come and have a fair deal with the phone number tracking tool. A trial period will let you fall in love with the best-ever tracking experience with the robust tracking tool.

Wrapped up:

Now, you have gotten the easy entry to track one’s phone location on Google Maps and know about the pros and possible cons that you might meet when you are using the tool! If you have any other great ways for phone location tracking, welcome your sharing with us below!