Easy Guide to Find One’s Location by Cell Phone Number

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In speak of tracking someone’s location, there can be numerous reasons why one does so. For example, one of the common cases is that worried parents might want to find out where their children are for safety concerns. And, tracking their young kids’ location gives them peace of mind and sanity. Regardless of the purposes, it is easy and fast to locate a person in many ways thanks to advanced digital technologies.

If you are searching for ways to find someone, using a cell phone number would be enough. So, in this write-up, we are going to share you with effective methods that will surely ease your tracking process.

Is It Possible to Find One’s Location?

Here comes the question: Can you really find someone’s location by a cell phone number alone? To be honest, there are a couple of free number lookup services available on the internet and you can even find some on your app store. Does phone number lookup work? Well, different people hold various views on this question, some claim that it is useful while some believe it is a fraud. Despite all these, the best way to track someone is by using a reliable third-party GPS phone tracker app or cell phone tracker by number.

Fair warning: Before you want to locate someone, please make sure to ask for the target person’s prior consent. Because tracking someone without letting them know is an illegal act in some countries, or even worse, you might end up violating others’ privacy.

Ways to Locate Someone by Cell Phone Number

In this section, several effective methods on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number will be discussed. After that, you can either install phone number tracker software on your mobile device or make the most use of the phone number lookup website. First and foremost, let’s check them one by one.

1. Use Cell Phone Tracker by Number

No doubt, one of the most reliable and stable services that you can adopt to locate someone via phone number is a cell phone tracker by number. It is fairly easy to use, simply provide the contact number you wish to track and the site will detect their location data in a secure and fast manner. Then the cell phone tracker by number sends a text message including a link to the target number. It complies with AEPD regulations and will activate only with the consent of the requested person.

cell phone tracker by number

To use a cell phone tracker by number to find a person:

  1. Navigate to the phone location tracker website.
  2. Enter the phone number you would like to track.
  3. Type in the phone number you wish to get a result.
  4. View its real-time location.

The main benefit of the cell phone tracker by number is that it can track a phone number without installing an app as it simply works online. In addition, remember to make sure the target phone is on and has a mobile connection before you do so.

2. Use a Built-in Phone Locator

The simplest way is by using native phone tracking apps for your mobile device or computer. It is very convenient and accessible, most importantly, some of these tools are free to use. Moreover, both Android and iOS devices have built-in phone locator apps for locating lost or stolen phones. Besides, you can also use them to find one’s location. For instance, the Find My Device for Android and Find My iPhone for iOS.

Google Find My Device

To use the native phone locator on Android:

  1. Go to the official Find My Device website.
  2. Sign in to Find My Device using the Google account you want to use the service with.
  3. Give location access to the application. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  4. Track your phone or use extra features such as locking and erasing your phone’s data remotely.

For this method to work, please kindly note that the Google Find My Device feature must be turned on the target device beforehand. Besides, users can erase or lock the device with customized messages and numbers on the mobile lock screen.

3. Use an IMEI Tracker

No hassle and zero effort, IMEI tracking is something that everyone can access without any help. An IMEI number refers to the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and it is a unique 15-digit number. With an IMEI number, you use it to do a lot of things. And, one of them is finding a lost phone or stolen phone. To use an IMEI number to track a phone’s location, there are two main options: one is to ask the phone provider for help track a phone. Another is to download an IMEI tracker app from your phone Store or use a browser to try a web-based IMEI tracker.

IMEI tracker

Other Actionable Ways to Track Someone

Apart from the mentioned above methods, there are still other feasible ways of finding someone. In case you don’t feel comfortable using an online product or downing an app on your device, you should never miss the reverse phone lookup websites. For your convenience, we would recommend you to use a Caller ID Name Lookup site or search via Whitepages.

To Sump Up

Now that you know how to track someone’s location by phone number. As you can see, locating someone be it a family member or friend is a caring act if you are worried about their safety. We hope this easy guide on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number helped you in many ways. Do you think this article is useful? If you have some suggestions, please feel free to drop your comments below!