Four Alternatives Of Google Maps For Tracking One’s Location

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The handy Location tracking feature is making location tracking a more and more common practice. The proliferation of location sharing and tracking services is enabling more and more families to track others’ location easily and remotely. They can see the real-time location of each other on an online map. The fervent for location sharing prompts Googe Maps to participate in the competition. Yes, Google Maps must be one of the famed and free location tracking apps in the market. However, if you are choosing the best tools to track one’s location, you have to take more factors into consideration. If you do plan to adopt a location tracking tool, you can definitively miss this post today!

Google Maps

Review on Google Maps on location tracking services:

Google Maps have covered a wide range of location services ranging from location navigation to location tracking between close friends. As one of the free location tracking services, it has accumulated a sheer user base. Before you share your current location with your friends, you should get the configuration on Google Maps completed—This is you must enable the “location sharing” feature on Google Maps, which allows the tool to access your location data. Next, let’s see how it works to let your track the current location of someone. (Note: As Google Maps need prior permission if you want to track someone, you must implement the following steps on your target phone)

  1. Enter Google Maps on the target phone.
  2. Make sure your target has logged in to the Google account on the app.
  3. Tap the user’s profile picture.
  4. Select “Location Sharing”, and then tap “Share Location”.
  5. Share the time duration for location sharing.
  6. Choose your device from the contact list and tap “Share”

Location tracking service of Google Map

With a message saying “XYZ can see your location”, you can now turn on your cell phone, and see the location of your target. If you have implemented the above process on your own cell phone, you might bear the risk of being rejected by your target. Therefore, we can infer perceptible defects in tracking one’s position by using Google Maps:

  1. You need to have physical touch with your target phone. Otherwise, if you choose to carry out the process on your cell phone, you might get rejection.
  2. You can’t track someone anonymously, because Google Maps will send the notification to your target.
  3. Have a limitation on time for location sharing. Once the request expires, you need to send a location request once again.

Considering the above flip side, you might turn to other resorts. Just swipe down, and four amazing tools are waiting for you!

Four best alternatives of Google Maps for tracking one’s location:

Alternative 1: GPSTracking

GPSTracking is one of the robust web-based cell phone location trackers, which unfolds the current location of someone by phone number. The simple interface is specially designed for users of all age groups, which is easy to use for both professionals and tech novices. Just type in the phone number you want to track, and the website will track phone location, thus knowing the real-time location of someone with ease. You will never lose contact with someone with the help of the cell phone number tracker. Only with four steps, then you can track anyone by phone number on the globe:

  1. Enter the phone number you want to track
  2. Have a trial period
  3. Key in the phone number for getting the geographic message
  4. Click into the message and view the real-time location of someone on the map

cell phone location tracker

Verdict: GPSTracking works with all cell phones and mobile network providers to accurately locate someone by phone number. With the encryption techniques, you are reassured that your identity won’t get concealed. More importantly, you don’t need to have any software installation. All the tracking processes will be online. In addition, it can cover your identity, avoiding any recognition of your target. Just give it a nice try by visiting the official website of this cell phone location tracker:

Alternative 2: Family Locator

Family Locator is one of the best apps aimed at keeping abreast of the location of the family all the time. You will be able to set up a private family circle for location sharing. Once you want to identify the real-time location of someone, you can just turn to the map and see the location directly. You can also communicate with your family and friends with an easy message on the app.

Verdict: The Family Locator can work on both Android and iOS, which more handy features that can promote bonds between your friends and family. For example, there is a native messaging service on the app, letting your contact other users. However, you need a download before you activate the service!

Family locator

Alternative 3: Geo Tracker

If you are a crazy fan of long-distance travel and action sports, Geo Tracker can be one of the best companions for you. The app displays the location on a digital map and details like track length, maximum speed, altitude, slope, and other information. A more distinct feature of the app is that it supports both Google and Yandex Maps, which can let you switch to the alternative Yandex map in Russia and CIS countries.

Verdict: Although Geo Tracker has an alternative map for specific countries, the app requires you to download the app before usage. Plus, it might not so friendly to iOS users, for it can just work on Android devices.

Alternative 4: Geofinder

Similar to GPSTracking, Geofinder is another easy-to-use phone number tracker that can accurately pinpoint the location of any cell phone regardless of time and space. A phone number is all that you need for tracking someone’s location through a cell phone. You just need to click into an SMS link, and then you are tracking phone location in real time.

Verdict: Geofinder reacts to the phone location tracking request effectively and actively, rendering a hassle-free experience to users who use different mobile brands.


Other ways to track someone’s location:

Tracking one’s location is a controversy topic, for it might easily involve privacy issues. However, it is a legal practice if you have gained the consent of your target. As the Internet has linked people all over the world, we can search for the location of someone on the Internet with a phone number. If you want to know more background information about someone, you can seek help from reverse lookup tools like Whitepages, which can output a report of someone’s information. Just note the information might be outdated. Another way for you is to search for the person on Facebook, where he might post his moments with location hashtags.

The final:

Unquestionably, there are massive methods for you to track someone’s location by phone number. Google Maps is one of the representatives. Nevertheless, some defects of Google Maps encumber your tracking process. We are sure you must enrich more knowledge about the location tracking from today’s post! Just choose the suitable alternative, and enjoy the awesome feature brought by modern technology!