How To Find My Friend’s Location By Using Facebook Messenger? -2022 Updated

Last Updated on August 19, 2022 by chamspy

Connecting people around the globe and enabling people to share their moments on the Internet, the craze of Facebook has swept across the world. To promote communication between people, Facebook Messenger has emerged as an instant messaging platform. In order to improve the interaction efficiency and experience, Facebook Messenger enables people to pinpoint their friends’ whereabouts within a few clicks!

Next time, when you gather with your friends in a crowded park, just pick up your Facebook Messenger and let the application leads you to your friends effortlessly.

share location using Facebook Messenger

How to find a friend’s location by Facebook Messenger in 2022?

You are actually exposing much more information than you have ever thought when you are using social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. Therefore, you can find it easy and convenient for you to find out the location of a friend on the platform even if you are not tech-savvy. Understanding how easy it can be will help enlighten you on how easy it can be for others to do the same to you.

Share live location on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has launched a particularly popular “Location Sharing” feature, making it much easier for you to share your location with your friends. Several steps for you to track the exact location of your friend:

  1. Head to Facebook Messenger, and choose a specific dialog with your friend.
  2. Tab the “Plus” button in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Click into the Arrow icon.
  4. Tap on the Continue button, and then permit Messenger to use your location.
  5. Tap on the “Start Sharing Live Location” button.

share live location on Facebook Messenger

By conforming to the above steps, you will be able to send your live location with your contact. Once your target has permitted a location request, both of your location will be updated on the digital map. Therefore, you can determine the location information of your friend in real time without extra effort!

Nearby Friends feature

Getting this feature activated requires you to have the actual Facebook app installed on your cell phone. You can then enable it by going into the More Options menu and selecting Nearby Friend. Turn the option on, and you will be able to see the exact location of all of your other friends who are sharing their location. The interface will present the physical distance between you and your friends. The closest friend will be shown on the top of the list, and Facebook Messenger can prompt you to open up a chat with him. The feature can only work if you have added someone as your friend.

Nearby friends feature of Facebook

Apart from the above two ways, Facebook will also collect the location information when you are sharing your post on the platform. Have you ever noticed when you are posing a moment, the app will ask for your consent of attaching a location hash?  The post will location tag will empower you to find the current location of someone. However, you should note that the location can be fake and easily changed by the person who uploads the post.

The easiest way to find the exact location of a friend: GPSTracking

Have you ever thought about tracking one’s location by just dropping a simple message? A serial of number can let you unveil location information within seconds. That’s what GPSTracking doing for you! You can carefreely find someone’s phone location via location tracker by cell phone number within a few clicks on the website. We can gain a lot from the tracker including:

  1. One-click activation of this location tracker by cell phone number. You don’t even need to download and install an app. You are implementing the whole process online without any app installation.
  2. Globally wide location tracking. Regional boundaries are no longer barriers for you and your friends, and you can still track their location on a business trip on your mobile device.
  3. Highly flexible on any mobile brands, carriers, and models. Are you worried about the situation that the tool will fail to work on a certain mobile brand? GPSTracking will form no restrictions on mobile devices. You can get guaranteed results no matter what mobile brands you are using.
  4. 100% encryption technology to ensure data security. We will never store any private information, and we promise not to expose the location information. All data collection will serve one purpose-better service to the customer.
  5. Highly precise location. GPSTracking has sharpened its accuracy in phone location tracking with the support of advanced location technology.

location tracker by cell phone number

Worry about the terrible user experience? The service proffers you a trial period. Let’s explore how you can get the trial period valid:

  1. Key in the phone number of your friend.
  2. Choose to have a trial period.
  3. Type in your phone number to receive the result.
  4. Be good to determine the real-time location.

steps to track phone location using phone number

Now, you can just discover how fast and easy for you to track your friend’s location on social media platforms!

The bottom line:

Compared with the native service of Facebook Messenger, the third-party location tracker doesn’t restrain you from tracking people out of your contact list. You can track phone location with a phone number. (Friendly note: just ensure you are conducting the behavior legally. It means getting prior approval, and your target is informed of your process.)

Knowing the ease of tracking one’s location can let your know how easy it can be for others to do the same to you. If you have any other effective tools, just discuss about your opinion with us! We feel honored to listen to your inner voice.