Can Anyone Track My Current Phone Location?

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Have you ever imagined that you have been carrying a tracking device with you every day? Searching your pocket thoroughly and wondering what it is? We’d like to debunk the truth for you: Your cell phone. It is not a secret that you can track phone location on phone lookup tools like Whitepages. However, such websites can just trace the home address or the registered location for you. Against the backdrop of advanced GPS positioning location, real-time phone location can be tracked down in an easy way! Therefore, others can track your current phone location without difficulty and vice versa. Today, we will unfold these sensational stories for you.

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Can anyone track your real-time phone location?

Before we have revealed the answer, let’s review a scenario in daily life-You have just disembarked from a ship to a new city and the apps on your cell phone have recommended local restaurants, hotels, and tourist spots to you instantly. “How smart my cell phone is!” You might think in your mind. That’s a typical instance that your apps are tracking down the real-time phone location! Although this topic has been under the spotlight during the past years, for critics deem the practice as a privacy invasion. However, the controversy is true. Your location is exposed to other parties.

Who can track your current phone location?

In this part, we will have a brief introduction to you about parties who are keeping a tab on your phone location. Just don’t be too surprised while browsing the following part!

Your service provider is gathering location data

Arguably, our carriers are providing us with considerate services like phone tracking services, which help us find out the exact location of a mobile device when the cell phone is missing. “Big Four” carriers including At&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are coming with their native family locators to help us trace down phone location. Therefore, your carriers might chase your phone location without letting you know. However, shocking news hit the public hard in 2018—Cellular carriers are accused of reselling the location data to aggregators. There was a public outcry when the scandal broke. The scandal ended up with the pledge made by T-Mobile CEO John Legere that they wouldn’t sell customer location data to shady middlemen anymore. Just remember that we should never compromise online privacy security.

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The government is “watching” your movements

This might make perfect sense when you have known that the inception of the GPS system was first designed for military purposes. Therefore, the government can get access to your location data effortlessly. It’s worth noting that the government itself can acquire your location data from your cellular company if it has a warrant. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the cellular provider should offer the location information to the authority with a warrant offered. Additionally, the up-to-date location can be accessible to the government.

Another high-tech way is that the government can pinpoint your location via stingray devices which can impersonate nearby cellular towers and force your mobile device to connect to them. This way can render the government highly precise location information and needn’t get your cellular carriers involved.

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The advertisement companies are targeting your location

As we mentioned above, the advertisement companies are forwarding targeted ads to you with your location information. The practice has been triggering heated debate, for people consider it a privacy invasion. Some people consider it annoyance rather than convenience. Apart from ad corporations, many third-party apps including social media platforms, and weather forecasting apps are tracing the real-time location of a cell phone.

Your loved ones are keeping an eye on your footprint

Phone location tracking and sharing are gaining more and more popular among friends and families for many reasons including offline safety concerns, emergency response, and so on. The wide equipment of GPS receivers on your cell phone has paved a way for the availability of phone location. Therefore, a great number of effective ways can help them get your real-time phone location with ease. We will explore the ways for you in the next part! Just swipe your screen!

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How can someone track your real-time phone location?

The past decades have seen remarkable development in mobile location tracking. There exist massive ways for others to track your real-time location. Painting a full picture of these ways can help you track the phone location of your loved ones as well.

Way 1: Native phone locators

Android’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My have been developed and updated for pinpointing the approximate location of a cell phone. Not only they can be phone finders, but also they can be GPS location trackers for people, which enable people to track your phone location. However, it can only work when someone knows your account credentials. Hence, just keep your account a secret if you don’t want to be traced by others. When someone is tracking phone location via default phone trackers, you will also receive the notification message.

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Way 2:The third-party cell phone tracker by number

A phone number can contain massive information including your real-time location. A third-party cell phone tracker by number enables you to track real-time phone location by number within seconds. You don’t have to know account information. Instead, you just need to capture the phone number. GPSTracking is one of the perfect examples of online phone number trackers. Compared with the tracking apps, you will skip app installation. All that you need to do is to type in the phone number in the search box and let the tracking process be conducted online. The entire process will just take you a few seconds, but the final results can be surely accurate. GPSTracking contrives to break all impossibilities while tracking mobile location:

  1. Unlimited regional boundaries. You can track mobile devices on the globe regardless of time.
  2. Unrestricted geolocation requests. You can track any mobile device as you like within a few clicks.
  3. No limitations on mobile brands, carriers, and models. Tracking phone location of any type can be a piece of cake under the aegis of GPSTracking.

With the help of GPSTracking, you will find what a trustworthy phone number locator is like!

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Way 3:  Spy apps

The prowess spy apps boast a wide range of features apart from location tracking. If you want to track both offline and online activities on a specific person, you can take spy apps into consideration. The spyware enables you to see all activities ranging from offline footprint to social media platforms. However, you might need spare effort to access the target phone physically for downloading and installing the spy apps. Upon installation, you will be able to grasp real-time situations within several clicks on your dashboard.


In this digital era, cyberspace is becoming increasingly open and transparent. Our location information is no exception. Therefore, we should treat the issue rationally. Above listed are just some of the effective ways, if you want to know more about it, you can just follow our channel.

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